Kim (cutelildevil016) wrote,

thank you Sarah I love ya!

BtchnBby55: u weak as hell
CuteLilDevil014: huh
CuteLilDevil014: kristina tell you to say that?
BtchnBby55: no
CuteLilDevil014: well thanks alot ive done enough crying tonight and i dont need 2 friends of mine saying that
BtchnBby55: oh shit sorry....
BtchnBby55: i love u
CuteLilDevil014: w/e
BtchnBby55: dont cry i didnt kno she said to just say it
CuteLilDevil014: i figured she told you to say it
BtchnBby55: i cried alot today to
BtchnBby55: i thought it was an inside joke or something i sorry
CuteLilDevil014: no she told me that right before you to just be hurtful
BtchnBby55: i sorry
CuteLilDevil014: i told her that i made my boyfriend talk things throguh with me and now were no longer on a break
BtchnBby55: i made a BIG ASS dent in my school locker today cuz i was soo stressed out with everything and then just broke down
CuteLilDevil014: and she told me i was weak for it
CuteLilDevil014: i dont want to fight with krisina shes my best friend but that hurt im sorry if i dont know how to make myself happy
BtchnBby55: its ok thats bot being weak...
BtchnBby55: not*
CuteLilDevil014: well she thinks it is and that hurts
BtchnBby55: i best friend at school is pissed at me n i have no idea y...she got mad cuz i was lyin on top of travis i think, n kissed him.////no idea tho
CuteLilDevil014: oh
CuteLilDevil014: well shes pissed at me right now and i dont know what to tell her
BtchnBby55: dont worry aobut it
CuteLilDevil014: i know ive been through enough the last few days
CuteLilDevil014: ill deal with it another day
BtchnBby55: excattly thats wat happen to me....i beat the hell of of the locker then just broke down
CuteLilDevil014: yeah well you destruct other things when you hurt i tend to be self destructivebut i havent hirt myself badly i promised her i wouldnt
BtchnBby55: dont hurt urself kim
CuteLilDevil014: when i get ot be that upset it makes me feel better
CuteLilDevil014: sorry
CuteLilDevil014: but i havent actually scarred myself ina year
BtchnBby55: i kno...i member
CuteLilDevil014: yeah
BtchnBby55: i g2g moms bein a bitch
CuteLilDevil014: ok bye
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